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Expertise That Needs a Student to Have

What is the lecture like? What is certain is that lecture life is of course very different from the life of high school. Starting from the style of the lecturer delivering lessons, completing assignments, participating in class and finding new friends, all are new experiences for a student who is just starting his steps as a student.

Steven Schwartz from The Guardian explained some of the skills students need to have to adjust to university life. Sometimes there are those who already have these skills but do not have the opportunity to show them so that they are not aware of their own potential. There are also some who while living university life have the opportunity to hone these skills. Yes, college is indeed the right time to look for and shape our own identity.

So what are some important skills for a student to have in order to achieve the best in college?

1. Flexible

Open minded is important. During college, especially abroad, of course we will see many differences of opinion and habits of life. That is a natural thing, because a different background will certainly affect the way of thinking and habits of one’s life. Considering that difference is something wrong is not the right step. It would be better to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know the culture and habits of fellow students from other countries and mingle with them. Thus you have one of the criteria that the company is interested in.

2. Never Surrender

Maybe some students face difficulties at the beginning of college. But don’t give up quickly. It’s natural to face culture shock, homesick, panic can’t take lessons and more. Relax, foreign universities always provide support services for international students. Starting from the place of consultation to counselors to help students take lessons. So when you find a problem, talk and seek help. After that maybe you will feel, actually this problem is not as big as I thought.

3. Can adjust

The more we mature, adjusting to the situation is very important. As children, maybe people around us still give understanding and yield. But this is not valid during college. For example, you are afraid to make a presentation in public. The lecturer will probably understand, but to get value, you still have to present well. The solution is to go to a student support center at the university. There they will give input and train you. One of the supervisors there is probably your senior who also used to have a feeling of insecurity to speak in public places. College is the time to get out of your comfort zone. Always don’t be afraid to talk about the problem at hand and ask for help. The student support center is there because the university understands naturally new students face discomfort with their new life. What is important, students want to try to find solutions.

4. Become a good member of the group

In college there are many tasks that must be completed in groups. Not because this task cannot be resolved on its own, but the lecturers do want to practice the ability to work in groups of students, where they can divide tasks, complete responsibilities, and more importantly, learn to be flexible and be able to overcome differences between group members. This group work is also a good opportunity to bring students closer to each other.

5. Technology Literacy

The university is full of sophisticated IT facilities. Because technology does make life easier for today’s society. So you should follow the times. At least make sure you know the software, applications or gadgets that are trending among students or in fields that are relevant to your studies.

6. Can read the situation

Wise people can read the situation, so they can teach or even lead. Whereas people who are not aware of what is happening can only follow. This ability will be very valuable when entering the real world: the world of work, where the boss or the people around us will not clearly tell us what we should do. So it must be smart to read the situation.

7. Learning without limits

During college grades are certainly important. But what is meant by learning here is not just knowledge but also other interpersonal skills. Science is limitless, so is the world we live in now. Change is always there, so we must stay alert and learn so we don’t miss it.

8. Take advantage of opportunities

For some people, what is important in college is pursuing value, so that you can get a certificate with good grades. But there are also people who use college to make friends, enjoy social life as a student. Some others understand that lecture is a preparation for entering the workforce, so that this time is well utilized to establish connections, both with lecturers, or with superiors during internships, so that later it is easier to find work. Which do you include?

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